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Feb. 2013 Newsletter "Sit/Stay at the Door and Why Would I Want To Do That?!?!?!"

"Sit/Stay at the Door and Why Would I Want To Do That?!?!?!" Happy Valentine's Day from: CIA Dog Training For several reasons, CIA Dog Training teaches all dogs how to wait at the door until you tell them it's okay to go through. We know, we know. Almost everyone is use to opening a door and a pooch trotting (or blasting) through. Freedom! Bad pack leader. Bad, bad pack leader. Here are a few reasons to have your pup or dog wait at doors: 1. CREATES and STRENGTHENS COMMUNICATIONS: In a pack, dogs are asking and communicating with each other all the time. They do this through their body language, plus a complex series of looks, vocalizations and touches. It’s how they know what to do and when to do it within a group of canines. They are not all off, willy-nilly, doing their own thing. They are looking to the leader for instruction as well as permission. If we replicate that kind of communications with our dogs, and we do it consistently, they will insti... Continue

October 2012 The FASTEST Way to Wean your Dog OFF Treats...

The 2 fatal factors the destroy the power of "treat training."1. What if you run out of treats?2. What if your dog isn't hungry?------------------------------------------------------------The FASTEST Way to Wean your Dog Off TreatsMany people abroad this great nation enjoy employing "treat training" tactics to accomplish their dog training goals. While this may work out great in certain situations, in others it becomes a complete disaster.Most of the dogs I am called upon to train, have already suffered from the "treat training" blues. Treat training can be extremely fun and highly motivational for your dog.The problem lies in the fact that the relationship is being built with the dog & the treats, not you & the dog.By providing a lot of treat rewards for basic commands, over and over and over, you may end up with a dog who is focused on (and directing eye contact to) not only your hands or pockets, but the hands or pockets of other people, including children.It can easily get ... Continue

September 2012 CIA Doggie Newsletter

Leadership-Leadership-LeadershipThat’s what this month’s newsletter is about. In nature, many, many animal species live and move in packs. Their survival depends on it. Those that hunt for their food, like canines, hunt together and everyone has a role and a position in the pack. Primates, like great apes, live in pack communities with clear leadership. Whether we’re talking about wolves, from which the modern dog is descended, or hyenas or elephants or coyotes, “pack life” in nature provides the utmost in balance and structure for animals. Within the structured pack life the animal lives a balanced, content existence, knowing its place and role.For us dog-lovers, the best possible gift we can give our dogs is leadership. They require it to maintain a state of balance. When you bring a dog into your human pack, even if there is only one of you, the dog must learn how to live in human society. Dogs are still canines and they are only a couple percent removed from the wolf DNA-wise. The... Continue

August 2012 CIA Doggie Newsletter

August 2012 CIA Doggie Newsletter & Children share many of the same qualities. And we as dog lovers tend to treat dogs like our children. But, we tend to do it in a way that fulfills our needs in the relationship but not always theirs. For instance, we think we are being good parents by not forcing them to be confined in a cage, kennel, crate, prison, etc. whatever you wanna call it. This is based on our human emotional thought pattern of, “my poor baby, it’s so cruel how those other dog owners confine their dogs, I will never do that to you fido.”OKAY, HERE IS THE PROBLEM.-Dogs aren’t human children.Would you leave a newborn loose in your house while you go to work?Would you leave a toddler loose in your house while you go to work?REALITY CHECK:In the state of OHIO there is no clear-cut answer at what age is appropriate to leave your child alone.Here is a summary from this link below. is no magic ... Continue

How to stop irrational fear of noises

Fireworks, Storms, Traffic, etc

Babying- to treat like a baby; pamper; coddle.Irrational fears concerning dogs in America is a HUGE problem. Most dogs are considered to be human children by their owners, more so than they are pets. Hence, the dilemma begins. Although, babying children sometimes works for “human children,” (the reason I say sometimes is because I’m a father of 3 children, & I know 1st hand) it will never produce positive results with dogs/puppies. Tough love is a very negatively termed phrase. Considering the qualities we as Americans believe in concerning love: patient, kind, forgiving, etc. the quality “tough” is certainly not included. But let’s replace the word “tough” for a moment with the word “good.” For instance, a “tough” parent might not let his/her teen kid stay out past 9 pm on a school night. This by general reasoning should produce good results. According to several studies, the brain functions at a superior level when well rested compared to ... Continue

How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling on the Leash

The Troubles & The Reasons

Dogs go against force by nature. Which means if you pull your dog forward, generally they will pull back. Consequently, when you pull your dog back by putting tension on the leash, your dog will pull forward (hence the pulling on the leash). Harnesses. Unless you have a form of a “NO Pull” harness for your dog, you are already engaging in a conflict where the odds are stacked against you. Attempting a lose leash walk with a harness is typically even harder than a flat collar (just the regular run of the mill collar that buckles or snaps to fasten). Here is the order of easiest to hardest types of collars to teach the lose leash walk in. Prong Collar aka Pinch Collar Training Collar aka Choke Collar ... Continue


We have a six month old Boxer puppy named Brandi. She was completely out of control. It had gotten so bad we didn't want to take her anywhere, specially the vet's office, and would end up putting her ...
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We have a six month old Boxer puppy named Brandi. She was completely out of control. It had gotten so bad we didn't want to take her anywhere, specially the vet's office, and would end up putting her in her kennel whenever company came over because she would jump all over them. She had developed a lot of bad habits and was also showing signs of aggression. We were worried whether or not we'd be able to keep her since she was this out of control already and still only half the size she would eventually get. Because we loved her and desperately wanted to keep her we started exploring options. We were reading books, buying dog training programs on the internet and watching videos but nothing was working. Finally we found the CIA Dog Training! jeff was a miracle worker with Brandi! He treated her so well and not only taught her but taught our whole family. We learned the verbal commands and hand signals and the reason for each, uses for it, ways to practice it, and ways to incorporate it in play. He was very patient with us as we took longer to learn than Brandi did! If we didn't understand something he would explain it again or a different way until he was sure we did and would tell us the reasoning behind it also. Jeff is very knowledgeable about dogs. He also taught us a lot about dog communication so now we know what those yawns, shakes, and sneezes mean whereas before we just knew tail wagging and barking. Brandi seems much happier now since she gets a lot more attention because we are able to play with her and spend time with her without fear and frustration.

We chose to do the 3-weeks in-board basic training. Not only did we get the basic commands but since she was living with Jeff he was able to address other issues such as potty training problems and going for rides which used to be unbearable. She doesn't get up on the kitchen counters anymore or on furniture that is off limits. During this time she was also socialized with other dogs and small children, another big bonus. We went for training sessions during the three weeks and Jeff even came home with Brandi at the end of the training to address issues we had specific to our house. 

Finally we have the dog we wanted! We are 100% satisfied with our decision and highly recommend Jeff Feuerwerker & the CIA Dog Training.

Joe & Kelly Boswell Berlin Center, Ohio

___"When we first met Jeff, our Golden Retriever puppy, Zoe, was about 11 months old.  She is very sweet and good-natured but full of energy and highly excitable.  I take Zoe to work in an office environment three days a week and I wanted her to be well behaved so that co-workers and clients would be happy to have her around. 
Jeff worked with my husband and me on the most important issues – sit, stay, off (no jumping on people!), heel and come.  Jeff trains the owner as well as the dog!  You have to understand your dog and his/her behavior before you can control it.  I am excited to report that Zoe is now the perfect office companion.   I highly recommend Jeff to all dog owners!  The best thing is that I am now confident in my ability to control my dog - no more embarrassing moments.  The mailman drove up our driveway the other day to deliver a package.  I told Zoe to sit and stay and she did!  The mailman said "what a good dog". That was a great feeling!"______________________________________________________________________________________
          Mydog bronnie has been with us since a puppy and we originally got him for protection. We used to take him to the park and he would play with other dogs and run freely around people until he snapped at a puppy one day and tried to attack him. I was afraid of what he might do to other animals so i stopped taking him to dog parks or letting people pet him. Things got worse when we had a friend over and he bit her. I had to physically pull him off of her arm. This is shere we realized this had become a major problem. We moved back to the Cleveland area and we were expecting our first baby. The place we moved in was a triplex and the woman on the end had her grandchildren visit quite often. It made it a pain for taking bronnie out to the bathroom because I would have to wait till the kids either left or went inside. Our son Nicholas was born and we slowly introduced bronnie to him. He accepted Nicholas right away. We were surprised because it was something I had often worried about. One day I put Nicholas down for a nap and bronnie had to go to the bathroom. I took him outside and stood in place with him while he did his business. The little boy who was visiting his grandma ran around the house and stood right by our patio. He was staring at bronnie and bronnie noticed him and started barking at him. The little boy ran towards us and bronnie ran for him, I pulled back on his leash and his collar slipped off. He ran for the boy and began attacking him. He bit his stomach and leg and wouldn't let go! I was screaming for help while I was desperately trying to pull him off. The neighbors came and had to hit bronnie with a log and a chair to get him to let go. The boy spent the night at the hospital and had to get 15 stitches. I was upset for the boy and also terrified for bronnie that they would put him down. A few days later I received something in the mail stating I was being charged with two misdemeanors at level 1 which is the worst before a felony! I set up an appt at a few places and their approach was to heavily drug bronnie and do the click and treat method. I got Jeff's number from my lawyer, she said he had done wonders for her dogs so I called him. He came to my parents house and we talked for about 20 minutes about bronnie and his history. The problem is bronnie didn't have respect for us and he thought he owned us! Jeff worked with me for three hours with bronnie! Bronnie wanted to kill Jeff at first but by the end if the training session Jeff took his muzzle off and bronnie layed down in the other room! I couldn't believe my eyes! Jeff taught me to watch for bronnies body language so I could correct him before he would get to the point of an attack. At one point while rolling bronnie on his side I accidentally unhooked his leash and he went after Jeff. Jeff knew exactly what to do and after a few minutes was walking bronnie down the street! During their walk he had experienced a couple bike riders that rode past without a reaction from bronnie, and a young boy getting the mail. Jeff gave me hope that my dog could be helped! He had his assistant take a video of bronnie before and after and my lawyer brought it to court. We were on our third pretrial and second lawyer. They wouldn't budge until they saw the video. Jeff saved bronnies life and mine too. I will continue to use Jeff as bronnies trainer and always be thankful he helped bronnie! I highly Reccomend him and have told all my friends he is the dog whisperer! Lol 

Stephanie Kurzawa-Portage County

My name's Varonica and I have a beautiful German shepherd/Husky Mix Bubba who's 2 1/2 yrs old.  Before Jeff my Bubba was a decent behaved dog, but by all means needed a lot of work with listening to me, not running away, food aggression, walking on leash, riding in car, not chewing things, growling at my son Bentley and other children, etc.  Now,  after amazing Jeff's awesome training Bubba is a extremely well behaved dog.  He no longer has to be on a leash (thanks to Jeff's off leash in 3 weeks), he has no more food aggression, he listens only to my commands, he does not run away anymore or try to run out the house door; I can leave the door open all day and he will never go out the door! Bubba knows now that I'm his leader.  He's so  absolutely amazing with my son -- he and Bubba are side by side everywhere!  I've learned so many things I never knew about training a dog and I've talk to a few different training places and NOT one was as good as Jeff's.  It is well worth the money and I'm so thankful I took a chance and went for it because Bubba is truly a great dog after being trained by Jeff! Thank you so much Jeff, you truly made a difference with my son, dog and my life!  If I ever have another dog after bubba I will ONLY bring him to you!  

Sincerely, Varonica, Bentley and Bubba 

After Jeff had my foster dog, BB (fence-jumping, no eye contact, didn't know his name, intermittent aggression, unsocialized) for (just) ONE WEEK the results were AMAZING.  BB was much calmer, respectful, never looked at a fence again (and was not trained for fence avoidance specifically), waited, made much better eye contact and looked for direction.  He is now a content, young, energetic shepherd/husky mix with room for much more learning and a really healthy chance at having a great life.  I experience Bubba as way more balanced, relaxed and well, dog-like. 
L. Stepanek



Hi Jeff!

 I just wanted to email you and thank you for this wonderful email!

 I have not been able to walk my 2 year old American Pitbull since we got her 6 months boyfriend struggles, and he is a big guy. If we saw a dog on our walk, forget it! She was dragging us across the street and pulling in excitement. Walks were always frustrating. I bought every harness made as I thought those were the solution! Nothing worked!

 I read your email and went straight to Petco to buy a prong collar. I came home, put it on her, and took it outside. I was literally ready to cry I was so excited. I walked her around the block and passed about 5 dogs. She did a little wiggle and whined. She attempted to speed up and then would stop. She didn't dig into the ground pulling forward and look like a crazy pitty like she usually does! I cannot believe the difference! Walks are no longer embarrassing, and people don't think I'm just a bad dog owner like they probably use to!

 I always thought the prong collars were mean. But I actually put it on myself (Yes I'm crazy!) and saw that they don't hurt, it's just pressure.

 I would have never tried it if I hadn't read your email.

 I just wanted to thank you! She says thanks, too (now she gets to go everywhere!).


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